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Rural Networking & Internet Solutions
Rural Cellular Solutions
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(real world solutions to real world problems)
Track your work progress, document Milestones & expand your visual
portfolio. One of the things I found working in commercial construction
is that owners like to have something to look at. A nice white piece of
paper may say "65% complete" but a few well placed current progress
photo's can provide a service owner will appriciate
  • Hi-resolution photo's based upon schedule, count, time lapes &
  • Fixed video - Internet accessible (constant-on or based on
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom video - Internet accessible
- Specializing in Construction Documentation
Living out in the country while beautiful and serene can have a few
drawbacks, like the Internet. Most rural areas can only offer Dial-up
Internet with very low speeds. Satellite Internet comes at a very high
cost and has "data caps" which may not be helpful. In some areas you
can get Wireless DSL from an antenna miles away. It is not cheap but
if you want Broadband this is the way to go. Also in a rural area you
may have more then one building you would like to connect and those
building can be some good distance away.
  • Wireless DSL antenna siting and connection (assistance only)
  • Commercial wireless router for networking (ranges in the
  • Buried network cabling (more secure, less long term hassle)
  • Aerial network cabling
  • Remote IP video camera - stationary / PTZ, infrared.
  • POIP (power of IP cable) for IP camera
  • Test War Drive to effectively secure your rural wireless network
- Connection / Networking
connection, especially indoors. If you can talk outside your house you
could most likely talk inside your house, with a little help.