Computer Maintenance
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I have been, either directly or indirectly, working in or with the computer and
communications industry starting when DOS v3.3 had just came out. My initial
involvement dealt with Purchasing and Inventory Control working closely with Sales,
Service, vendors and Corporate Distribution to determine levels and configurations. I
then went into Sales and "pushed" mainly the highest end computers that were
commercially available at the time. After a few career jumps I wound up in an industry
that did not involve these technologies at that level. Technology was not my function at
this time. After I designed, purchased and oversaw the installation of our company's  
latest phone system the had me move on the "interesting" things. I then designed,
purchased and oversaw our first network and computers which of course lead to the
maintenance. Although the technology aspect is not the main aspect of my position, it
currently accounts for about 50-60% of my time.

For this company, I review software and hardware, evaluate suppliers, vendors, service
suppliers, examine current technological trends, predict where we need to be in order
to maintain our advantage above our peers. Custom build all computers. Choose and
install all software (including OS). Evaluate all ancillary hardware including but not
limited to: color scanners (w-w/o ADF), wide format scanners, plotters, printers,
desktop printers, network (including cabling, hubs, routers and wireless). I design and
implement our network security protocols based on our actual threat level with a
combination of O.T.S.T. (Off The Shelf Technology) and others. I negotiate, review and
implement all current technological service providers including but not limited to: land
lines, wireless, ISP and internet. I also design, implement and maintain the current
website and will be building two more with a direct multimedia association with local
trade shows.
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