hp designjet Z2100 24-in photo inkjet printer
"70" Vivera pigment inks with an 8-ink printing system achieve consistently outstanding
image quality. The precisely placed 4 and 6 pl ink drops, along with resolution of 2400 dpi /
600ppi, highlight even the most intricate details.

• Water-resistant prints resist fading. Your photos, posters, presentations and maps will
be water-resistant and will resist fading for over 200 years range of basic and specialty

• The Three-black ink set (matte black, photo black and light gray). Ensure true neutral
tones and rich, deep blacks. You can even print on matte or glossy paper without having to
waste time and ink exchanging cartridges.

• Fast color stability covers a broad gamut. Output stable proofs in less than 5 minutes
and with over 80% PANTONE® coverage, including full compliance with prepress standards.
  • Produce high-quality black-and-white proofs: The 8 HP Vivera pigment inks include
Display Graphics:
  • Print full-color, long-lasting posters, banners and displays on a wide range of media.
  • Create persuasive marketing collateral, point-of-sales material and consistent,
    accurate colors.

  • Make an impact by presenting concepts in large format and with accurate colors right
    from the start of your project. The printer covers over 80% of PANTONE® colors.
  • Get consistent colors, print after print and from one printer from another, thanks to
    automated printer calibration.

Technical Presentations:
  • Produce impressive renderings and presentation panels with superior quality,
    consistency and durability.
  • Three-black inks allows for greater realism in renderings with metal or stone.
  • Images are smudge-resistant to minimize damage from repeated handling.

Commercial Photography:
  • Create neutral black and white prints. No need to waste ink when changing between
    matte and glossy papers: all three blacks are always on board.
  • Produce consistent and accurate color photo proofs, thanks to the printers built-in
    calibration technology and broad color gamut.
  • Print in almost any media - the printer creates media profiles for you and can use thick
    stock of up to 500 g/m.

  • Maps and satellite images show more detail and gradations thanks to small drop size
    and precise placement.
  • Output resists fading and is water-resistant, so maps can be used in the field.
  • Colors are consistent, so subtle differences can be seen and studied over time.
  • Complete coverage of SWOP, ISO, GRACOL, 3DAP, EUROSCALE, TOYO, and
    FOGRA gamuts for color accuracy.
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