So, you thought all you needed was a decent camera and a good eye, take some pictures,
get them printed, sell them and there you go, a professional photographer. Turns out there's
a little more to it isn't there? Not only do you need a good eye for the shot and an excellent
camera but you have to become proficient in several other trades and disciplines. So in
addition to being a photographer you also need to be proficient at a few more things:

  • Computers and Operating Systems*
  • Networks*
  • Printing methodologies*
  • Print media*
  • Editing tools
  • Web site development
  • Marketing / sales
  • Customer Service
  • Permanent file storage*

Yes, a professional photographer faces a multitude of issues sometimes only vaguely related
to photography. We cannot help with all, but we can with some.

* we can help
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As we are a Service Bureau our products and
services are chosen and driven by our customers.

With that in mind, please let us know If there are
other Print Media, Computers or Services that you
would like to see offered here.

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Editing PC - This is really not a tool that is readily available at Best Box, Dell-rama or Gate-
Sway. Those computers, while inexpensive, are built for general purposes and even with
upgrading they are still built with cheaper core components. These components were never
designed to handle the constant extra heat created when stressing them by running memory
and processor intensive programs. Plus, they are just slow

In response to inquiries we began building support hardware such as Servers & Editing PC’s
that are built specifically for the demands of professional photographers These are made of
superior durable components that will last longer and perform better then anything bought off
the shelf and upgraded from in a Big Box store.
Printing Service - This is one of our main focuses. While we are relatively unknown we
have been printing large format prints for the consumer market in Southern Wisconsin since
2007. One of our printer is an HP Designjet Z2100. An onboard photospectrometer means
we can generate custom ICC profiles for any printable media we can cram into the printer.
We carry the normal Gloss, Matte and Satin papers (10-11 mil) as well as some unique
papers (Pearlescent Metallic - 10.4 mil). Backlit film (6.4 mil), cotton canvas (24 mil) and even
46# Presentation paper, excelent for maps and posters.
Protected Storage - Photographers eventually developed a library of images and have to
decide where to store them. Many assume a typical NAS (a few of hundred $$$) with a
couple of HDD's is the right idea, wrong! Typical NAS is subject to the same hard drive failure
issues as the hard drive in your computer. Yes it is a 'copy' but what if that drive fails? It is
just another hard drive with nothing special for protection.

Our Blackbox
TM servers, particularly the unRAID servers, are perfect for this. They offer
simplicity, efficient data protection & lower power consumption and can suffer the loss of
more then one drive while still retaining all data stored on the hard drive array. When you
absolutely have to keep it, protected servers are the way to go.
Backed with over 25 years of Computer & Communications experience from every seat at the
and a burning fascination with printing since the late 70's, we can bring much technical
experience and innovative solutions to areas you may have been trying to ignore and can
work with you to make your prints look and feel just that way you intend them.

  • Real live human Customer Service, just like the old days
  • Prints in any size up to 24" on the short and 100' on the long
  • Print on any printable media (spectrophotometer)
  • Limited Edition prints complete with rear tag for series, number, date & photographers
    signature and / or Certificate
  • Print & ship, print & drop ship
  • ACEOs (Art Card Editions and Originals)
  • Fine Art Business Cards
  • Professional, experienced computer repair, updates, upgrades
  • Hard Drive forensics
  • Network upgrades and expansions (wired / wireless)
  • Protected servers
  • Editing PC's
Fine Art Business Cards - Most Western people consider business cards as nothing special
but it really does say much about your company. Plain looking cards are treated that way,
we've all seen them scattered all over the desk and falling on the floor. Where as a card that
is unique gets around, they are the ones that get passed around social affairs (
hey, look at
) and stuck on things.

We specialize in limited run, colorful, very hi-resolution business cards printed on unusual
media; from wood grained card stock, vellum & cotton canvas to metallic paper and the same
photo paper you would use for a print. Why not give cards as a sample of your work or we
also print ACEOs.
also more then willing to meet & greet and go over any printing or computer related
questions or issues you may be curious about. We are after all, a Service Bureau. Thank for
your time and happy shooting…