Bespoke Printing Services
Bespoke & Fine Art Business Cards
Let's face it, regular business cards are pretty boring and never a point of
conversation. If you really want to have a potential client pay attention to your company
and contact information you have to make an impression quickly and the first time,
Fine Art Business Cards are rare, unique and distinguished from all others. Normally
when you hand out a typical business card the person will glance at it and get it out of
site, quickly. Offer one of these and the receiver will stare at it in amazement, then
they usually show others because they have never seen one before.

Current Fine Art Media
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80# Ultra Glossy
66# Chrome Metallic
39# Vellum - Opaque
105# Stardream Crystal
90# Japanese Linen - Ivory
48# Vellum (Recycled) - Translucent
Metallic Silver (Plastic)
Below are scans of each card material. Please click on each scan to see a photo of the card.
Although the color and accuracy of scanners and digital cameras is very good it still is not
the same as seeing with your own eyes. Because of this difference we encourage you to
request our sampler pack in which you can select any of the materials that you may be
interest in and we will mail you one each of the samples for you inspection.
Below is a little "bling" to carry the Business Cards. The finish is Chrome
and is very reflective as you can see from the photo's (click). Although the
(pictured background)
111# Gmund Savanna Tindalo
Here we have a prototype
1/64" Birch plywood
Work in Progress