Home Theater Technical Design Services
designed and constructed my first home theater. It was in the master bedroom which
was the entire top floor of a Cape Cod style house, 38' long - 16' wide, side walls to 4'
with a ceiling pitched up to 11'. Back in the 80's you didn't have much technology so a
bigger screen TV, VCR, a stereo amp and a couple of speakers were all it took.
Several theaters and years in commercial construction later we have grown with the
screens and technology.
Technical Design Services

  • dimensional layout of room (shape and volume)
  • general construction of ceiling, walls, and floor (materials)
  • power and signal wiring (type, gauge, purity and shielding)
  • power and A/V connection boxes (type and location)
  • power filtering and battery backup (clean power and no unexpected failures)
  • audio amplifier specifications (watt, channels, distortion...)
  • speaker specification (type, size, shape, material, location, specs)
  • screen (size, type)
  • media server (optional)
  • htpc (optional)
  • network (optional)
  • acoustical isolation, theater / house (materials and techniques)
  • budget (you don't have to spend $$$$$ for a good experience, just the popcorn)

A site survey is always preferred but not always feasible or required
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions concerning product
or service(s), please
contact us.
Please Note: These designs / specifications are for Home Theaters utilizing existing
finished spaces or unbuilt rooms depending on which is applicable.

Home Automation systems are another monster altogether.