BWSB - Blackbox™
With a background of nearly 30 years experience in the Computer and Communications
industries, much of that either writing spec's or building commercial computers, we feel we
have a pretty good grasp of what works well and what is a waste of your money.
Black Watch Service Bureau (BWSB) is a "System Builder" which means we are not an
Original Equipment Manufacturer such as Dell, Gateway, Apple or HP. We are not restricted
to corporate provided cheap, minimum quality, minimum spec'd components (really, 128mb
RAM in a Gateway with XP Home?). We also do not install advertisers bloatware like
Anti-virus, "demo" or "trial use" software.

BWSB builds a product that is spec'd to run more then just an Operating System. OEM /
Retailers will sell you a product that is built to barely run WIndows let alone an anti-virus /
malware program. When you factor in the other programs and the add-ins that are normally
installed you have a painfully slow computer, and you've only had for a few months. We spec
/ design / build task based computers and servers for resale, personal, Corporate,
Government and Non Profit organizations.
Blackbox™ is the Specification Name for our pre-spec'd line of commercial computers
How BWSB builds commercial computers:
  • Testing and review of applicable Operating systems
  • Testing and review of specification and configuration including future expansion,
    durability, longevity, power consumption, cooling and cable management
  • Purchase quality, dependable components (best bang for the buck)  from a highly
    reputable vendor
  • We use components with a minimum of a One Year Limited Warranty, some are up to
    3 years
  • Hand assembly of components with an eye for future configuration and full population
    of HDD's
  • Full testing and 48 hr "Burn-in" of all components
  • All applicable driver and software discs are storage INSIDE the computer case so they
    do not get lost
  • All applicable manuals are shipper within a plastic bag inside the shipping box of the
  • No pre-installation of 3rd party software is included, Operating System only (except as
  • Depending on the type of computer (HTPC / Server / PC) BWSB may provide links to
    software that maybe of interest or use to you. We do NOT install any unrequested
    software and the links can be deleted normally with no residual affects.

  • Gigabyte: 3 Year Limited, Parts & Labor
  • ASRock: 2 Year Limited, Parts & Labor

RAID Host Controller:

  • Intel: 3 Year Limited, Parts & Labor

  • G.Skill: Lifetime Limited, Parts & Labor
  • Kingston: Lifetime Limited, Part & Labor


DVD/Bluray Burner:
  • LG: 1 Year Limited, Parts & Labor
  • Lite-On: 1 Year Limited, Parts & Labor

Power Supply:
  • Rosewill: 5 Year Limited, Parts & Labor
  • Corsair: 3 Year Limited, Parts & Labor

Operating System:
  • Microsoft: 1 Year Limited (With Microsoft, you purchase a "License" which give you limited use of
    the software, no replication or resell. This limited use varies depending whether you receive an OEM
    version [cost less] or an Retail version [cost more])
  • unRAID: None, Basically what you would get with Microsoft (With the Root of the Server You
    will find a "Backup" folder containing the unRAID Server OS and the associated Unlock
    Key which is tied to the original USB Flash Drive. It is highly recommended that you
    burn a copy of this folder to a CD)
Component Manufacturers Warranty Information
information and links to their Customer Service / Warranty / RMA departments
As a System Builder we are to be invisible to the public and build products without direct support. While this
may not sound very good you should consider that we use the component manufacturers warranties which
are normally at least 1 year (same as most OEM's: Dell, Gateway, HP...) and usually longer, up to 5 years. If
you buy a name brand box from a retailer, you will receive a shortened Warranty period and less quality then
if you bought from a System Builder.
BWSB - System Builder Limited 6 Month and 7 Day RMA Warranty
Return Material Authorization (RMA)
service or contact the Manufacturer directly.
  • If the End User elects to utilize this service, it will be the responsibility of the End User
    to contact BWSB Support and inform us of the situation prior to the End User removing
    the troubled Component from the computer and shipping it to BWSB for the
    Manufacturers RMA process. (End User pays shipping to BWSB)
  • This service will add a small amount of time to the End User RMA turn-around process
    but most people are not familiar with Corporate RMA procedures and may prefer if
    BWSB handles this process.
  • In lieu of removing the troubled Component, you may elect to return the entire
    computer (End User pays shipping to BWSB) where BWSB will repair / replace the
    trouble component and return the computer. (BWSB pays return shipping)
  • After the System Builders Limited 6 Month and 7 Day RMA Warranty is over, you
    will still have the remaining balance of the original Manufacturers Warranty but you will
    have to deal directly with the Manufacturer, or for a nominal fee we can process the
    RMA for you.
Suggestions & Comments
As we are a Service Bureau our products and
services are chosen and driven by our customers.

With that in mind, please let us know If there are
other Print Media, Computers or Services that you
would like to see offered here.

All submissions are thoughtfully considered.
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