Small Business Technology Consulting - Addressing Infrastructure Investment
We perform the function of a Chief Information Technology Officer for companies that do not
have one. We have over 16 years of direct experience in dealing with the IT requirements of
contractors in the construction industry and over 27 years in the Computers & Communications
industries. We work to solve your problems instead of just ‘fixing’ them and also work from the
longer term perspectives of extracting the most value and growth from your investment.
  • Technical Consultation – We map and review your current level of technology and develop
    a plan for future changes or expansion based on your input. We recommend which devices
    require maintenance, which are usable/upgradeable for those future uses, which devices
    may be re-tasked, go over upgrade options and look at possible new devices. We work up a
    detailed plan for timing and pricing for changes or expansion as well as any environmental or
    power requirements. (Please Note: Site Survey is included with this service)
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services are chosen and driven by our customers.

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  • Employee Services - If agreed, we will extend the same upgrade / repair service to your
    employees by scheduling individual picking up / drop off times before or after working hours
    at your location. This convenience has been shown to lower absenteeism and may be
    considered a 'perk' to employees. (Employees are billed individually) Again, this is a
    company decision to offer to your employees, not ours. All communications for this particular
    service are conducted outside of your business hours so as not to cause conflict, this is
    supposed to be a convenience not a distraction.
  • HDD Forensics Computers can and will act up, people can and will mistakenly hit the
    wrong key, it is all simply Murphy's Law at work. These can affect the HDD's file structure in
    such a way as to render it un-bootable. Sometimes a hard drive will begin to 'sing' or click,
    when this happens do not turn off the computer! Call a tech right away! A partially
    functioning HDD is better then a non-functioning HDD and you may still be able to retrieve
    data while the drive is still running. Forensic investigation can take days (depending on
    capacity) of time to thoroughly scan a HDD and find what data may be retrieved. (Not all data
    is economically retrievable, costs can exceed thousands of dollars, but not by us) We offer a
    simple flat rate service at an affordable fee. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee complete
  • System BuilderBWSB is a System Builder which means we build our own brand of
    computers. BlackboxTM Commercial Grade Servers, PC’s, editing PC’s and HTPC’s. We
    build from the component level with readily available 'off the shelf' higher quality parts. We
    control overall quality and provide a more reliable, solid, stable, long lasting and upgradeable
    product to our customers.
  • IP Security Cameras and Software (consultation) Many people have spent their time and
    money on a system that gives them a false sense of security. Just because you can see
    clearly in the daytime does not mean the system is effective at night. Theft and vandalism
    occur mainly in low light conditions that are extremely difficult for all cameras to capture
    usable images or video for identification. Without a usable facial shot or a readable license
    plate you will only have a time-stamp on a grainy image that indicates when the trespass
    occurred. The police will show up, look at the images, write a report and that will usually be
    the end of it.
  • Progress Photography – Some construction companies prefer to have others perform this
    because of time restraints. We are familiar with blueprints, job site orientation & requirements
    and the importance of regular, accurate and meaningful photographic documentation.
    Performed on the job site at your schedule or intervals, photographed in color at 12mp with
    either standard or telephoto lens as needed. All photos are at your specific direction. You will
    receive a CD or DVD containing all images delivered via US Post to the address of your

Please Note: All image are considered the property of the client
  • Preventative Maintenance 'PM' – This is very important. It is a physical cleaning of the
    interior of the PC and keyboard to remove the omnipresent buildup of dust & debris. (Dust is
    the Bane of technology, as it collects it reduces airflow which leads to overheating and
    premature failures, There’s nothing worse then a bit of cookie under the ‘enter’ key of your
    KB or a happy spider in your PC)  Depending on physical conditions a thorough cleaning
    should be preformed between 1 - 3 times a year, usually once is enough. In the short run it
    saves on power, in the long run it saves on down time (repairs), data loss (failures) and
    replacement costs (catastrophic failures).
  • Computer Diagnosis & Repair – Computers can misbehave for any number of reasons
    from user error to Acts of God. Viruses, malware, adware, phishing, unstable power, corrupt
    files, corrupt registry, missing files, bad drivers, bad software updates or sometimes just bad
    software. These are all things that affect user efficiency and can cause loss of data,
    sometimes irretrievably.
  • Backup Policies (consultation) – Having a backup of data is comforting until you actually
    need to do a restore and find that your ‘backup’ was just a bunch of wasted time and money.
    We have been working with various backup policies, media and devices for decades from
    Floppy Disc / CD / DVD / Bluray Backups,Tape Backups & Mirror copies to off-site and triple
    redundancy. The idea is to make the backup process simple and seamless but usable and
  • Site Survey (consultation) A comprehensive review of the technical state of your network,
    PC’s, servers and printers to determine how long they may remain usable and/or upgradable.
    (You will receive a detailed report containing information for each device including OS,
    configuration, S/N, estimated longevity, required maintenance, extent of upgradability and
    costs for upgrade)

$300.00 - includes up to (3) PC's, (2) printers, (1) scanner, (1) router, (1) switch & (1) wireless access point
$500.00 - includes up to (7) PC's, (3) printers, (1) scanner, (1) server, (1) router, (2) switches & (1) wireless
                   access point
$700.00 - includes up to (10) PC's, (5) printers, (2) scanners, (2) servers, (1) router, (3) switches & (2)
                    wireless access points

Note: The above description is a guide for pricing. Let us know your configuration and we will provide an individual
quote for your specific needs.
Fee: (sliding scale, based on 1 non-bridged network)
Printer (8.5" x 11" size) - $40.00 each
Printer / Plotter (wide format) - $65.00 each
Scanner (8.5" x 11" size) - $ 35.00 each
Scanner (wide format) - $60.00 each
Routers / Switches / Wireless Access Points - $ 35.00 each
Server (non-rack mounted) - $ 60.00 each
Backup Unit - $ 70.00 each
Fee: (fixed, based on 1 non-bridged network)

Initial Consultation - $ 70.00 each

Diagnosis - $ 70.00 each PC
Repair - Parts + Labor

Please Note: Labor costs are far higher then the costs of parts so sometimes it is less expensive to create a
backup of the affected hard drive, wipe the hard drive and start over. This also provides a 'clean start' for Windows.

Preventative Maintenance - $ 1st PC - $65.00, 2nd or more - $35.00 each

Base - $65.00 per building / jobsite (up to 2 hours on site)
Additional time - $ 50.00/hr        
Photos - $1.00 each
Fee: (fixed + Parts & Labor)

Installation - Parts + Labor

Fee - $135.00 / 300gb - 500gb
Fee - $150.00 / 500bg - 750gb
Fee - $175.00 / 750gb - 1tb
Fee - $200.00 / 1tb - 1.5fb
Fee - $250.00 / 1.5tb - 2tb
Fee - 2tb plus (negotiable)

Please Note: As we do not control the 'cause' we also cannot control the 'effect'. Therefore we cannot guarantee

Please contact us for an individual quote.

Please Note: Although we will build any type or configuration of unit, we do not build Gaming Rigs. Gaming Rigs
are very specific to the individual and are usually subject to owner O.C. (over clocking the processor). We do not
condone O.C. and therefore build units that do not require O.C.