During an economic downturn, the previous company bled employees of which I was one.
After a search I went to work for a commercial construction subcontractor as an estimator but
with all of the IT on my hands. One of the main reasons I was hired is because of my
technical background. It is here, in a construction company, that I received Carte Blanche to
bring the technology level of the company into the 21st century. Over time I preformed the

  • OS upgrades: Dos, Win 3.1, 95, 2000 Pro, XP Pro (scheduled to leap-frog Vista and
    Win 7)
  • Researched and contracted out the installation and maintenance of a new Hybrid
    telephone system
  • Integrated surveillance system into the network
  • Research and integrate new software
  • Accounting software networking and version updates
  • Designed and contracted out the installation of the Cat5 network
  • ISP service upgrades: Dial-up to ISDN to DLS
  • Set up client based email system and (2) company websites
  • Implemented Tape and HD backup systems with redundancy
  • Purchased, installed and maintained 2 generations of network PC's
  • Spec'd, purchased and built 2 generations of PC's
  • Design and build servers for digital libraries and data bases including OCR scanned
  • Develop full control system for digital plan distribution
  • Large Format Imaging - maps, posters, artwork, blueprints
  • Researched, purchased, installed, maintained and operated:
    (1) 42" Designjet 500 plotter
    (1) 36" Canon iPF700 plotter
    (1) 36" Xerox laser printer
    (1) 36" Graphtec color scanner
    (1) Kodak i1310 w/ADF high speed document scanner
         As well as several other ancillary devices
BWSB is a nimble service company brought about by a desire to help people relax and enjoy
life instead of struggling with time and technical issues. We are small enough to react quickly
to unexpected situations and big enough to "gear-up" our product and service line to
accommodate customers. We come from a corporate background where back in the day
"Customer Service" was the rule, not the exception and any problem was considered a
priority. Give us a try and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do.
Telephone and Data systems (local and remote), Service, Backup Systems, Data
communications over modem, cabling systems (topography, protocol, design,
In the mid 80's I had entered the technology world by working for a Wisconsin Interconnect
(Mid-Plains Communications) which was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mid-Plains
Telephone Company, now defunct. I worked mainly in Purchasing and Inventory Control. This
allowed more then adequate time to work with the technicians, manufacturers repair
departments and learn board level repairs on the communications technologies of the time.
Networking, Backup Systems, Computers, Printers
After several years of Communications I needed a change so I jumped at the opportunity to
switch to the computer industry. I then worked for a local franchise computer dealer (Entre'
Computer) whose overall parent company became the largest computer distribution network
in the Northern hemisphere, now defunct. Again I worked mainly in Purchasing and Inventory
Control and, as it turned out, very closely with Sales and Service. It was here that I gained
experience at a tech level for the "ins and outs" of the technology. One of my main
responsibilities was to work closely with Service to schedule and set up each new PC systems
and run a continuous 24-hour "burn-in" stress test program before delivery to the end user. I
also ran the IBM Student Purchases Program / UW-Madison for our franchise.
Sales, Service, PC Specs
After a few years I was lured away from Entre' by one of the vendors I use to buy memory
chips from (Memory & More). The company was in transition from being a simple "chip
house" to an OEM PC builder. I worked in sales with 14 states including Florida and
California. The company was beginning to develop the PC brand "Paragon Development
Systems", known by
PDS. These were house spec builds that were marketed to computer
dealers across the continental USA. It was here that I found it was more interesting to
concentrate on custom, higher performance systems that were built with the fastest
components available.
Communications, Networking, PC's, Testing, Research, Design, Build, Install,
Service, Operate
(this is really dry but it is not a bad idea to be acquainted with the technical background of a company)
Suggestions & Comments
As we are a Service Bureau our products and
services are chosen and driven by our customers.

With that in mind, please let us know If there are
other Print Media, Computers or Services that you
would like to see offered here.

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The earliest attested 'Campbell' is Gilleasbaig of Menstrie (floruit 1260s), father of Cailean
Mór, from whom the chiefs of the clan are thought to have taken their style MacCailean Mór.
The byname
kambel is recorded at this time. Fanciful reconstructions derive it from the
Spanish de Campo Bello, but the likely source is the
caimbeul, an Early Modern Irish or
Gaelic by name meaning wry mouth, crooked mouth or twisted mouth, which refers to "the
man whose mouth inclined a little on one side" also know as the "smirk".

The Black Watch

In 1725, six Independent Black Watch companies were formed: three from Clan Campbell,
one from Clan Fraser, one from Clan Munro and one from Clan Grant. These companies
were known by the name Reicudan Dhu, or Black Watch. Taking advantage of the partisan
nature and warrior instincts of the highlanders, these men were authorised to wear the kilt
and to bear arms, thus it was not difficult to find recruits.